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- Chief Executive Officer -

Founder of the travel agency Ultramarin and Ultravoyage, Gabriela started this business 13 years ago, with a great passion for travel, giving up the profession of teaching. It was a risk, but the determination to succeed, contagious enthusiasm and energy with which she leads the team, have made one of the most serious travel agencies in the market. Gabriela get involved since the beginning into this business: she started as a tour guide and now she is the general manager. She says with conviction that she wants to be in the travel business fo a lifetime.

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Simona Lutz

- Chief Administrative Officer -

Together with Gabriela Petcana, Simona founded Ultramarin travel agency, 13 years ago. She graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management in 2000 and since then this area has become her way of life. She is a determined and organized person, fully dedicated to this company, for which he holds the position of Director of the Agency, its co-founder. Among the places she visited the most intense inner experience she ever lived was in Israel, a country which she considers that it can not be compared to any other destination.

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Andrei ToderaČ™

- Chief Services Officer -

Andrei Toderas is project coordinator for MICE department. He has studied Tourism and Hospitality at the "University of Surrey" in the UK. Its good academic results made possible his acceptance as an intern for a year at the MCI Company in Brussels, a global leader in organizing events. He finished the stage in Meetings & Events department and has improved understanding of industry events, representing an asset to our team. Andrei is knowledge of English and has basic communication skills in French, Spanish, German and Chinese. His expertise abroad brings a new vision to Ultravoyage and his passions for this business stand at the bottom of creating the MICE Department.

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Diana Popovici

- Chief Operations Officer -

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Timisoara, Diana has found its place in Ultravoyage Travel Agency working on graphic-design projects and growing the image of the company. Because she is an ambitious and highly organized person she started to lead the incoming department, being more and more interested in growing the MICE business. Diana is a free spirit, honest and very creative, and she feels great to travel around the world, which is and will remain her true passion.

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Alina Cornaciu

- Chief Financial Officer -

Alina is a member of Ultravoyage team for nine years, during which she saw from year to year as the agency turned and raised. She is a loyal and honest person, who likes to work in tourism, and enjoys the pleasure for travel. She is our Accounting Manager and we trust her with all the financial aspects of this travel agency.

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